His middle name says it all.  John SIDNEY McCain is clearly a pansy, nancy-boy, who is overcompensating with his macho warmongering for his lack of masculinity.

“Sidney” is also hiding communist sympathies.  When offered the chance to get out of prison camp in Vietnam, he chose to stay so he could pal around with those pajama wearing communist soldiers.

Then there’s his Irish heritage, which leads us to suspect that he secretly sympathizes with former IRA terrorists. Sure, he went to an Episcopalian high school (more evidence of his wussy-ness), but with Irish ancestors, he’s probably got leanings towards Catholicism, and will give credence to the position of the Pope.


And if you bought into any of that, you’re crazier than the folks that McCain and Palin are whipping into a frothing frenzy with talk of Obama not being “like us” — and that my friends is really crazy.