Every time I hear some politician, political pundit, or news person use the phrase “red state” I feel a sense of disorientation.  I thought a “red state” was one that had gone communist — you know like the old Soviet Union or Cuba or North Korea or Vietnam.  Am I the only child of the sixties that thinks this is just plain weird?

So, here I sit in a “red state” — wishing with all my radical left heart that this really was a red state — contemplating the New York times map of political shift, that shows the area where I live has shifted more to the right in the election this week compared to 2004, while most of the rest of the country has moved more to the left.

I can’t help but wonder why? Particularly since most of the people I associate with not only do I think they would gain enormously from “left” programs in areas like health care, they think so too, at least as long as one discusses the specifics of programs and leaves off labels. . When I talk with to people in this region(which I do alot!) about the specifics of what they want to see happen with health care, jobs, energy, etc., the suggestions they make and the ideas they like (when detached from political labels) are in fact the ideas of liberal politicians. 

I am left to conclude that it all boils down to religious weirdness, xenophobia and homophobia.