Is it just me, or does the news coverage of Michael Jackson’s death remind any one else of the classic Saturday Night Live News bit from its very first season during which Chevy Chase gravely intoned “and Francisco Franco is still dead”?

Michael Jackson was an enormous musical talent, and a very troubled individual. The American music scene is diminished by his loss, as is his family, especially his children. But, what is happening with the cable news networks is ridiculous — until Sarah Palin had the good grace to resign and Kim Jong Il blessed us with some missiles, it was impossible to find any news about anything other than Michael Jackson for an entire week.

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Jackson or his family or even to his millions of fans. I’m just floored that every time I turned on cable news for an entire week, the only story I could find concerned Michael Jackson’s death. Where is my hour of political sanity with Rachel Maddow?