This is getting old — it seems like this happens every year at this time. Some new, extremely violent video game with a released timed to take advantage of Christmas buying, makes headlines for its shockingness and lawlessness; headlines that just serve to boost the sales of the game.

Well I have a proposal for a new game that could be ready for the Christmas 2010 season. I call it “Call of Duty: Class Warfare.” It will involve lots of gun play and blood and gore, and its scenarios will all be set in high-rise corporate headquarters and bucolic corporate campuses of America — and maybe some exclusive resorts and golf courses.

The targets will be the overpaid CEO’s and CFO’s of Americas top 500 corporations, especially those that ended up needed federal bailouts in 2008 and 2009. The players as “class warriors” will carry automatic weapons and earn points for kills — the higher the salary of the corporate head the more points. For example knocking off Laurence J. Ellison of Oracle who currently makes $557 million a year would be worth 10 times as many points as a hit on Mark V. Hurd of Hewlett-Packard who is only taking home $51 million this year.

Given the class warfare theme, there would be loss of points, or potential loss of play for collateral deaths of class comrades including secretaries, janitorial workers, or other working class stiffs that might be in the same locality as the “capitalist pig” targets.

Now this is a computer/video game I would buy — and I bet I’m not alone. None of those T-Partyers seem to be particularly fond of Wall Street and the corporate elite and they love guns!