January 2010

Last night I watched the SyFy channel’s new series Caprica, and I have to say I’m worried. It won’t be that long before we have the technological capability to create cyborgs and human clones and what happens when these creations demand the right to vote. They could both easily out number us real humans very quickly. Do you want to live in a country where the political power of soulless cyborgs dominates and controls the lives of us ordinary soul infested humans? [Okay you quibbling SyFy junkies, I know that one of the premise of Caprica is that Cylons have souls — they believe in a monotheistic god — but really now, can a machine have a soul?).

I mean we already have the political precedent established — you don’t have to be flesh and blood to be a person and have political rights. Corporations have had personhood since the 19th century–the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution was perverted by the Supreme court of that day to achieve that. And this week, today’s Supreme Court reasserted that the corporations as persons have the same political rights as flesh and blood persons. The problem of course being that corporations have a hell of a lot more money and power than most flesh and blood persons.

The time is right to prevent the future take-over of our nation by cylon-like cyborgs and human clones. We need a new amendment to the Constitution that defines once and for all that a person is only a biological human created by the combined sperm of a male biological human and a female biological human. This would not only protect us against future threats (think not only cyborgs and clones, but also aliens from other planets — you think we have an alien problem now!) but would also end the tyranny of large corporations in our political process. If they are no longer persons, then their political rights would disappear. The humans within them would still have full rights, but not the corporations.

This is an amendment that both the Tea Partiers and commie pinkos like myself could get behind. Those Tea Partiers don’t like big banks, big insurance companies, big oil, etc. any more than I do.


A friend of mine, an employee of a public college system in a state that’s not quite South and not quite Midwest, told me a tale of wanton waste that would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Seems the head honcho of this public college system has a real thing for marketing slogans. Over the last five or six years he’s paid out money to public relations firms to think up three different slogans or “tag lines” for the college’s in the system to use when presenting themselves to the public. The most recent of these slogans was conceived as part of a lobbying campaign by this public college system to get their state government (which is verging on bankruptcy like every other state in the Union) to give them more money and instead take money away from some other area — like roads, prisons, police, or one of those other unnecessary budget items.

So one of their action designed to convince the governor and state legislature that their college system is more deserving than anything else that state government pays for, they expended money to have some one think up a slogan/tag line, and had entirely new stationary printed up for all the many colleges in their system — and told the colleges to discard all the stationary with the “old” slogan (which was instituted less than three years ago at which time new stationary was printed and the previous stationary was discarded).

What a waste of money and trees.

The power elite/corporate class got scared. President Barack Obama got himself elected without PAC money, without corporate money. He did it with millions of little donations (like mine).

Keith Olbermann got it wrong, corporatocracy isn’t any thing new, it’s been with us for at least half a century if not longer. But Obama showed a different way, a way of getting elected without corporate financing. That scared them.

So the corporations and the power elite turned to the Supreme Court. A court that was stacked by the previous corporately backed and funded presidents. And the court did their masters bidding. They made the political process safe from democracy again.