A friend of mine, an employee of a public college system in a state that’s not quite South and not quite Midwest, told me a tale of wanton waste that would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Seems the head honcho of this public college system has a real thing for marketing slogans. Over the last five or six years he’s paid out money to public relations firms to think up three different slogans or “tag lines” for the college’s in the system to use when presenting themselves to the public. The most recent of these slogans was conceived as part of a lobbying campaign by this public college system to get their state government (which is verging on bankruptcy like every other state in the Union) to give them more money and instead take money away from some other area — like roads, prisons, police, or one of those other unnecessary budget items.

So one of their action designed to convince the governor and state legislature that their college system is more deserving than anything else that state government pays for, they expended money to have some one think up a slogan/tag line, and had entirely new stationary printed up for all the many colleges in their system — and told the colleges to discard all the stationary with the “old” slogan (which was instituted less than three years ago at which time new stationary was printed and the previous stationary was discarded).

What a waste of money and trees.