I’m pretty much of a news hog. I no longer get a daily paper on paper, but read several news daily on-line, and I peruse the cable news sources regularly (unlike most folks I actually watch news networks that have opposing political philosophies as well as those with which I agree), so I usually see most of the major news stories. Which is why I’m wondering why I missed the story about Johannes Mehserle shooting Oscar Grant in the back on a Bay Area Rapid Transit platform.

There were plenty of stories today, given the rioting and looting that broke out after the verdict — guilty of involuntary manslaughter — was rendered, although most of the ones found through Google are from papers in California and other western states.

I checked with a number of my other news hound friends — most who like me are far left. None of them had heard of the trial before today as well.

Why did this story only become newsworthy when black people started public violence? Why not more national attention after the crime itself, and during the trial? Could it be because a white law enforcement official shot a black young man?

I don’t have enough information to make my own judgment on the judgement of the jury, I’m just struck the lack of attention to the story by national news outlets.