Look, I’m not saying this to boast, it’s just a fact. My IQ makes places me at the 96 percentile — making me smarter than 95 percent of the takers of intelligence tests in America. And on some days, it feels like, among my current pool of work associates, its more like 99 percent.

There’s lots of people in the world who are nicer than me. Lots of people who are more caring. Lots of people who are better at working with others. There are also people I know who are smarter than me — and certainly many that are far more knowledgeable and talented than I am in many fields (literature, medicine, sports, arts, etc.). I acknowledge all that.

In point of fact, part of the problem I have in working with others, is that I get so impatient with people not getting what seems to be to be so patently obvious.

At time 1 Betty has 2 apples and Georgie has 8 apples. So Georgie has 6 more apples than Betty, but he also has 4 times as many apples as Betty.
At time 2 Betty has 7 apples and Georgie has 21 apples. So Georgie has 14 apples more than Betty, but now he only has 3 times as many apples as Betty.

So despite the fact that at time 1 George has 6 more apples than Betty and at time 2 Georgie has 14 more apples than Betty, between time 1 and time 2, Betty’s situation got BETTER, and the gap between Betty and Georgie got SMALLER. What’s so hard to understand about that??