I have theories about just about everything — I think I’m right about things, but most of my theories are pretty far out there, at the breaking off point of the limb.  I like expounding my theories, but they’d probably get me in trouble on the job ( I’m a middling-level knowledge worker in a moderately conservative enterprise that has lots of dealing with the public and cares a great deal about image), and in my community (a lower-middle class/upper-working class, moderately conservative to middle-of-the-road bunch of people). My significant other is getting tired of listening to my theories and suggested that maybe I needed a new outlet.  So here I am.

I read lots of blogs, on science, politics, education, religion, business, technology.  What almost all these blogs have in common is that they want to convince the reader of something. They are often filled with tables, graphs and charts, they certainly have lots of data and references. Maybe in another life I might even be one of those bloggers, but this is this life, and that’s not what I want to do. I just let my mind wander and my imagination soar.

This does not mean that my ideas come out of nowhere.  I’ve got more than four decades of reading, studying, observing, listening, examining and even at some points in time doing actual research in a field that will remain unnamed.

So I’m going to state certain things as fact, and use them as a jumping off place from which to spin some thoughts. I will sometimes use links to other blogs, news articles, cultural materials, etc., but primarily as a way to show what set me off on a particular train of thought, or to showcase others who have speculated on the same thing and have interesting ideas.

I’m not going to try to convince anyone of those facts, and I’m not going to post any comments from people who are obsessed with trying to convince me (or my readers) that I’m wrong about those facts.  What I’m hoping is that other people will get into the speculative spirit and say things like “what if…” or “perhaps…” This of course assumes that there will, some day, be readers and commenters.